Thrillville Stunts is the first theme park in Thrillville: Off the Rails. It is themed after movie sets and daredevil stunts.In the park, there are many missions that the player must complete the majority of in order to progess in the game and unlock new parks. In the park, the player must face three critics that have given the park harsh reviews due to the evil schemery of Globo-Joy and it's owner Vernon Garrison. The three critics are Moe Potts, a racing enthusiast from the Knowledge Channel, H.G. Krupp, a theme park critic from Teen Monthly Magazine, and Molly Noodles from Parenting Today. These critics are running about Thrillville Stunts and the player's main goal is to satisfy all three so that they will write a good review of the park.

welcome to thrillville stunts your new home for thrills chills and also spills this place already has a lot of rides games and coasters built in so go have fun and make it your own but each out for those nasty critics for some reason they've been giving this park bad reviews

The three subparks in the park are as follows:

  • SADDLEVILLE- based on the wild wild west
  • BATTLEVILLE- based on the military in 1942
  • THROTTLEVILLE- based on a racing city


Missions in the park Thrillville Stunts vary from finishing a pre-built coaster in the park to bribing a critic with a teddy bear in order for her to write a good review for the park. You eventually satisfy all three critics by first talking with HG Krupp and persuading her to write a good review of the park, and then she will warn you of the two tougher critics, Moe Potts and Molly Noodles. After talking with the two of them, you bribe Moe Potts with a VIP pass, and bribe Molly Noodles with a souvenir teddy bear that the player wins from a sideshow game.

Missions are divided into three categories:

  • Build-basically building rides and managing them
  • Games-playing and building arcade games that are able to be built in the park.
  • Guests-satisfying guests(placing facilites, talking with guests, etc)
  • Upkeep-(having to do with staff and keeping the park clean, rides maintained etc)
  • Manage-managing the park (keeping ratings high, increasing guest happiness to a required level, gaining money, etc)
  • Note: Some missions are locked at the start of the game and can only be unlocked by completing previous missions.

Build Missions:

  • Tank Frenzy!

In-Game Profile: Entertain the masses, and keep Thrillville cutting edge at the same time by dropping down the new Tank Frenzy arcade machine!

Objective: Place the Tank Frenzy Arcade Machine

Reward: 300$

This one seems very self-explanatory, Choose the game Tank Frenzy from Games in the Build Menu and place it in an available build site.

  • Coaster To Go

In-Game Profile: Uncle Mortimer has a bunch of his world-famous rollercoasters all ready to go. Find some empty space in Thrillville and fill it with an already-built rollercoaster.

Objective: Place any Prebuilt Coaster with Thrill Rating:

Reward depends on Thrill Rating: 40: $100 50: $200 60: Loan of Money

Also a simple mission. Choose coasters from the build menu, then choose Pre-built, then place down one of your choice. Look at the thrill rating on the coaster! With this mission, the higher the thrill rating, the bigger the reward!

  • Buggy Builder

In-Game Profile: What would Thrillville Stunts be without its very own dune buggies track? (A bad theme park, that's what.) Go build the most awesome racecourse you can imagine.

Objective: Build a Dune Buggies Track in Throttleville with skill rating:

Reward: Skill Rating: 45: $100 50: 200$ 55: 300$

Simple. Build your own race track in Throttleville and make sure the skill rating fits the mission's requirements.

  • Stunt Jumper

In-Game Profile: Is it crazy to build a rollercoaster that shoots cars over a big ramp and into the air? Go complete the Final Lap coaster in Throttleville and let's find out!

Objective: Finish the Final Lap Coaster with coaster length:

Reward: Length: Just finish!: $100 1200.00 ft.: $200 1400.00 ft: Interest Rate

Go to the Final Lap Coaster in Throttleville (it is already built but ends in a crash!). Click on it, choose manage, and then when the menu pops up, choose edit, then edit track, and finish the coaster.

  • Whoa Designer

In-Game Profile: Designing great new rollercoasters is a park manager's most awesome, and most awesomely fun responsibility. Let's see you work your magic building a brand new coaster!

Objective: Build a brand new coaster with number of drops:

Reward: Number of Drops: Just Build!= $100 2= $200 3= VIP PASS

Go to a vacant coaster site, click on it, choose coaster, then get to building a great coaster that fits the number of drops requirements.

Games Missions:

  • Stunt Rider
  • Putts Away
  • Tank Attack!
  • Aces High
  • Bandito Brawl
  • Whizzkid
  • Gone Shooting

Guest Missions

  • Happy Talking
  • Silver Tongue
  • Golden Ticket
  • People Person
  • Bribery 101!

Upkeep Missions

  • Crowd Pleaser
  • Smear Campaign
  • Clean Sweep
  • Propaganda Hunt

Manage Missions

  • Media Mogul
  • Thrilltastic
  • Happy Days
  • Crowd Control
  • once you reached Mini Mongul you can unlock either Otherworlds,Giant or Explorer.