Thrillville is a theme park simulation game developed by Frontier Developments and published by LucasArts and Atari.


In Thrillville, your uncle Mortimer, who owns and operates a chain of theme parks known as Thrillville, asks you to be his park manager. Thrillville is a group of five separate parks, each with three themed areas. You start off in the first park, and by building rides and improving the park, you unlock the next park, until you have all five unlocked. But the foundation of the game lies in the missions. In order to unlock the next park, you must complete a set amount of missions (tasks that Mortimer gives you) in order to improve each park. Completing these missions will not only unlock parks, but can reward you with money to build more attractions, or by unlock new rides and games. As park manager, you can build rides, games, food and drink shops, restrooms, souvenir stalls, race tracks, and other attractions.There are also two coaster stations in each themed area of each park. You can build coasters and race tracks in these sections. You can also talk to the guests, befriend them, and even flirt and start relationships, as well as ride your own coasters and play the various arcade games.

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There are some differences between the PSP version and the two console versions. Between the two, there are some differing missions, and some of pre-built attractions are different. For example, in the PSP version, once you first arrive in the first park unlocked, there is a Go-Kart track already built. In the console versions, this is replaced by an Anti-Grav Racer.

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There are a total of five Thrillville parks altogether. Each park has three subparks which are different themed areas of the parks

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