Superville is the first park unlocked in the first Thrillville game. It is a subpark in the Thrillville theme park, which is the first park in Thrillville. It is themed after superheroes. An animatronic superhero resembling Superman lifts a car in the center of the park and tall skyscrapers tower above the park. There is a coaster built in already and a racetrack, as well as the Sparkle Island arcade game.

Pre-Existing Attractions Edit

Diner Dropper (Twisting Coaster) (Console games only)

Suspenderizor (Suspended Swinging Coaster) (PSP version)

Sparkle Island

Super Sci-Fi Raceway- Anti-Grav Race Track (Console versions)

Superville Karts (Go-Kart Track) (PSP version)

Balloon Stall

Trivia Edit

In the console versions, there is a twisting coaster by the name of Diner Dropper, but on the PSP, this coaster is replaced by Suspenderizor, a Suspended Swinging Coaster. There also is a switch with the racetracks. In the PSP version, there is a go-kart track, but console versions feature an Anti-Grav Racer.

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