Thrillville Guest

Some guests at Thrillville

Park GuestsEdit

The park guests are several familes and couples that enter the park. However, some guests may be seen without anyone accompanying them. There are six types of guests, which are Adult Male, Adult Female, Teen Male, Teen Female, Child Male, and Child Female. Guests can be befriended by talking to them, challenging them to mini-games and giving them prizes won in sideshow mini-games. A friendship bar will appear when you talk to the guests. If you talk to the guests, they will react in three different ways: Mad, Happy or Neutral. If their response is Mad, your friendship bar will decrease, but if they respond positively, your friendship bar will increase. If their response is Neutral, the friendship bar will not go up or down. If your character is a teen boy or girl, you will be able to date another teen boy or girl. If your character is talking to a person in a group, you will talk to them while the rest of the group will stand around and talk.

Special Park GuestsEdit

In each park, they are several special guests who come to the park. You will need to please them to write a good review about your park. An example of special guests are Jake and Blaike Steak, siblings for a kid magazine.                                                                                            

Triva Edit

  • asking guests on their opinon of the park is useful because you can fix or improve your park to their liking


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