Bandito Chinchilla is one of Thrillville: Off The Rails' many games. In it, you control one of four characters and try to rescue Bandito's sister in different areas, making up 4 levels. The game is 30-45 minutes in length, if finished properly.

On the main menu there is a song about this game, titled "The Ballad of Bandito Chinchilla." This song can be heard in other places too, such as in Entertainer, the game itself and various parks in-game.

Level 1: Mountain Village Edit

Level 1 is easily the most famous level, as the last part is used for multiplayer if on fighting mode and the entire level 1 is a mission in Thrillville Stunts. You start with a short cutscene where Vico (the main antagonist) takes your sister. You go right awhile, then down and right again and up before turning right once more. The reason you have to go around in a half-circle is because there is a mountain blocking your way. The first enemy is a Prairie Dog. After fighting some of those, you come across a Lizard and then two Tortoises. At the multiplayer arena, if playing a one-player game, you fight Vico's bodyguard for the first of two times. This is a mini-boss. The only mini-bosses are in Levels 1 and 4.

Level 2: The City Edit

The second level is a slight step up from the previous. You enter the city. It has very few turns because the level takes place mostly on one street.

Level 3: Vico's Mansion Edit

In the exterior of Vico's Mansion, you will kill the Toads, Prarie Dogs, and also, you will defeat them in the mansion, and also in the balcony of the mansion.

Level 4: The Battle Edit

You will kill the three Tortoises, the three Coatimundis, then you will kill the four Prairie Dogs(also the one with the Mexican hat), then you will kill the Tortoises, Coatimundis and the Toad. Then you'll get in the Zero Game Zone, you will kill the Prairie Dogs, Lizards, Tortoises, and the Toads. You will then defeat Vico's bodyguard, then you will fight against Zero Bomba.

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